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Is Your Church Safe?

"Security Consciousness for Christians Today" - (part 1)

There are methods of practice for the daily protection of Christians in the 21st century. I will cover those methods in upcoming blogs. But for now, let's focus on what is common practice for many Christians today.

Many people say the following; "...God has kept me safe for all of these years, I certainly have no reason to fear!" It is understandable why such statements are made.

For example, here are eight solid, scripturally based and factual statements that many, many people make about their personal safety in regards to each of their relationships with Christ:

- I love the Lord, I trust in Him, He will keep me safe...

- I am in the shelter of His wings...

- He will place a hedge of protection around me...

- I am covered by the blood of Jesus...

- God is a loving God...

- I serve the Lord with all my heart...

- He will keep me safe from all harm...

- Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...

Each of those statements have scripture that supports them. As a matter of fact, the Apostle Paul gets bitten by a poisonous snake and it has no ill affect on him, [found in the book of Acts 28:1-6].

As a Christian and a Security Professional, I can easily understand why so many other Christians have the belief that nothing bad will happen to them. No negative life altering events will come to their doorstep; many believe this. I can also understand why a majority of Christian people think and believe in the Biblical precepts and principles of Godly Protection as it applies to their own lives and the lives of their families and loved ones; I believe in them also.

But what I can't understand, are the additional daily actions performed by these same Christian Believers that have, in fact, become habitual behavior patterns whose only function is to keep our persons and possessions safe. For example:

- we lock our doors when we leave our homes and before we go to bed at night

- we use our seat belts before we drive

- we lock our car doors when we park

- we install alarm systems for our homes and cars

- we take prescribed medications according to the Doctor's dosage directions - we use sun screen

- we get vaccinations

- we avoid individuals with the flu and other contagious illnesses and diseases

- and last but not least, we do all that we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So why do we do the things that we do. . . Why do we do perform these actions that are designed to keep us safe? Is it because we DON'T trust in God's keeping power? I think not; I don't think that "non-belief" is the motivating factor for Christians who take these safety measures. I think, as Believers and followers of Christ, we perform these various life preserving acts and functions because of our actual understanding of the brevity of life here on earth. Although we may not think about it at all times, we know that ONLY God, our Heavenly Father, knows not only the day or the hour or even the minute of our last breath; but we know that He knows the exact last second when (through some manner or another), we all will be called to our eternal reward.

I submit for your consideration, what I consider to be the real reasons as to why we do these things designed to keep our person's and property safe. We do these things on a daily basis because deep inside, we know and understand that life here on earth is special - life is precious and possibly tomorrow, or even in the next few minutes, someone will realize that the gift of life is not something that is promised with a "Time and Date Stamp" showing the "expiration Date." Yes we do the things that we do because, deep down inside, we know that life does not come with a guarantee.

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