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We live in an age today that is drastically different from other times not so long ago.  Witnessed by the fact that people care less about each other and prove every single day that some of them are willing to do harm to others without remorse.


Churches and houses of worship are not exempt from these senseless acts of violence. The crime record is full of examples to support this fact. A fully functioning church facility security staff should be able to respond to negative, or threatening actions with an appropriate amount of resistance - a high level of professionalism and common sense - in order to bring an end to whatever the unwanted actions are that are happening at that time.




Nahum - the 34th Book in the Old Testament. The name means “comfort and consolation.” It is a shortened form of the name, Nehemiah which means, ”the comfort of Yahweh." 


On a personal level, it is reassuring to know that any single aspect of our lives is protected from harm, intrusion and danger. It is comforting to have the ability to relax because plans, preparations and controlled responses to undesirable situations are in place; ready to be used when needed. 


Having the proper education, training and personal development greatly improves the possibility that the correct response will be given at the precise moment, in the exact manner required to address the specific needs and issues, "before" they become an even greater problem for you or your congregation. 


Life brings to us all, uncertainty. Despite our best efforts, situations will not always work out the way we expect, plans do not always follow the intended course; only God can work things in our individual circumstances with a "certainty" to bring our various situations to an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11)


That is not to say that we should not take precautions in our daily lives;  we lock the doors when we leave our homes, we look both ways before crossing a busy street, we put our seat belts on before driving away. All of this is done not because we question the safety of our lives with God as our Protector but rather, we go through these actions and consider them, "precautionary measures" as a way to help prevent the undesirable outcomes to unexpected events. 


Being prepared or not prepared for an unexpected or unplanned situation is simply a part of life that brings with it resulting consequences which are directly related to your level of preparedness. But the manner in which you respond during those critical first few seconds upon encountering the unexpected… will determine the outcome of that special situation. 


StrongTower Security Solutions is an organization that has highly skilled and highly trained personnel who are prepared to intercept and manage the unexpected. Upon request as an option, we can also provide the same high quality education and training for your own staff of employees to learn how to manage the safety and security of your members and the families in your place of worship. 


In the event of the occurrence of an unexpected or unplanned situation that is intended to cause harm to either yourself, your family, your staff, any visitors to your sanctuary or the membership and their families; if your staff has received the proper training from StrongTower Security Solutions, this will greatly contribute to bringing that situation or unplanned event to an expected end. 


Dr. G. James Davis


Chief Operations Officer - StrongTower Security SolutionsGroup  


"Si vis pacem, para bellum"

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